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English Documents

A loose collection of English documents from or about the G.I.B.:

Culture and Creative Industries

Culture and creative industries as a key sector with high potential for growth is funded in NRW since more than 15 years. Here you find a short overview about different strategies and measures by NRW and the activities G.I.B. was involved.


The aim of JobFit was the testing and realisation of a successful linking of health promotion and labour market integrative measures.

Potential Consulting

Here you find some examples of ”Potential Consulting” which means the support of consulting services for developing further potentials of SMEs carried out by private consulting companies
which are specialised for the work with SMEs. The main objective of Potential Consulting is the dissemination of new management knowledge, methods and tools in a high number of

The 3rd Way

The 3rd Way is an experiment to open the door to vocational training and apprenticeship for excluded young people in 14 accredited jobs which require training, structured by “training blocks”. The 3rd Way allows a flexible arrangement of apprenticeship and gears apprenticeship at three training places: vocational school, enterprise and educational institutionin.


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